As soon as a baby turtle hatches from the egg,

it starts journeying towards the sea,

never to return to the land again.

isn't there a little turtle,

lurking in each one of us?


Global Travel Xperts (GTX) is in the business of drawing out that little turtle.

Managing your travel business through GTX means you can sail through the choppy waters, sit back and grow to dizzying heights — no maps, no GPS, no navigation required - and let GTX take care of the business nitty-gritty's. As your global travel partners, we believe in providing a strong foundation to travel businesses, across the globe.

Drawing inspiration from our mascot, the little TURTLE, our core values of Teamwork, Unity, Relationship-building, Quick Turnaround, continuous Learning and Efficiency makes GTX the preferred partner for travel businesses, across the globe.


The world of travel is ever-changing. Stay static and you'll be left behind. Growing at a dizzying pace, you need a travel associate, with global outreach who can help you succeed. Combining a diversified portfolio of travel-related services, GTX's four Strategic Business Units (SBUs) have all the tools, resources, infrastructure and planning to support your need to stay ahead of competition with a game-changing mindset.

GTX can help strengthen and expand your core businesses. We ensure that the tactical backbone of your travel business remains resilient to any kind of change and your service always remains dynamic, salient and available to your customers and employees.We support by creating a 360-degree platform that not only makes our technology products easily accessible but also streamline the day-to-day operational needs of your travel business.We can contribute to your bottom line growth through strategic planning and customised service offerings tailored to your specific business needs .


Find out more about GTX Brands and our well-differentiated service offerings. GTX can help you stay ahead of your audience and gain competitive edge in the travel business you operate in.


Head Office: Suite 3, Level 6, 60 Albert Road, South Melbourne, Australia, Victoria – 3205

+61 (03) 9042 1995 |

India Office: Suite 1102, Level 11, Infinity Benchmark, Block GP, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700091

GTX Centre: +91 8585073999

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